Patrolman Package

All firearms are coated with Cerakote, a hard ceramic coating that withstands chemicals as well as providing strong corrosion and abrasion resistance. We can coat bolts, barrels and internal parts with our Micro Slick, a dry thin film lubrication coating. This package can be tailored to an individual or a complete law enforcement team. This can be applied to rifles, shotguns and pistols. Optics can be coated as well.

  • Our Mission

    To provide quality finishes on all items entrusted to our team. Backed by superior customer service

    Lifetime Guarantee!

    We guarantee that our coatings will never chip, crack, peel or flake! If they do you can send the items back to us and we will coat them again for no additional charge.


    Firearms painted in bright colors may look like a toy to CHILDREN! Please educate your children about gun safety and keep your firearms secured and/or in a safe to prevent unauthorized access to your firearms. We encourage parents to train their children in the lawful and safe use of firearms.