Manufacturers! If you are interested in the best commercial-industrial coating in the world today, then let AK Tactical Coatings be the final step in your production process! Our ceramic coatings are unparalleled in the industry.

  • Outsourced or White-Label Services
  • Lifetime Warranty on Commercial-Industrial Coating
  • Pickup and Drop-off Services Available (Contact for Details)
  • Endless Color Options
  • Best Corrosion & Chemical Resistant Coatings Available
  • Tight-tolerance Applications
  • Coatings Work on any Hard Surface

Click here to view: Cerakote Tech Sheets

AK Tactical Coatings specializes in offering the best coatings for virtually any Commercial-Industrial Coating application. Our technical sheets are available by clicking on the link above. We also carry a full line of ambient-cure high temperature ceramic coatings for a variety of applications including car exhaust components. Our dry-film lubricant coatings can also reduce friction in machine and engine components, including pistons and other moving parts. Call us to find out how our Micro Slick product broke the Geneva Convention in a United States Air Force machine Gun!
So whether you are coating ten parts or ten thousand parts, AK Tactical Coatings is the only solution you need and holds a reputation that is guarded as fiercely as you guard yours.

Make AK a part of your team!

We will aid you in testing and evaluating coating solutions for your products
We will help select the strongest Cerakote finishes for your applications
We will help select trending colors and designs to keep your company in the forefront of the marketplace

Our Quality

Our quality standards ensure that your Cerakote applications will never chip, crack, peel, or flake
Parts are inspected for proper coating thickness with mil guage
Complete Cerakote coverage inside and out

  • Our Mission

    To provide quality finishes on all items entrusted to our team. Backed by superior customer service

    Lifetime Guarantee!

    We guarantee that our coatings will never chip, crack, peel or flake! If they do you can send the items back to us and we will coat them again for no additional charge.


    Firearms painted in bright colors may look like a toy to CHILDREN! Please educate your children about gun safety and keep your firearms secured and/or in a safe to prevent unauthorized access to your firearms. We encourage parents to train their children in the lawful and safe use of firearms.